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Do You Need a Break?

alt spring breakWith the cooler air of Fall upon us and the stress of a semester almost done, many of you are probably thinking break + spring!  Some of you will head south to Mexico, some to the east and the beaches of Florida.  Spring Break is a ritual that is sacred to the college student.  After all those months of hard work you deserve to have some fun.  Beaches, warm weather and dancing until 4am does sound like fun, but remember when we talked about money management….the average spring breaker will spend about $967 for that glorious week in paradise. 


What if I told you that you could go somewhere for spring break with friends for $200 or less….what if I told you that you could spend one week helping others, having fun and building your resume….well, you can!

Alternative Spring Break is your chance to go somewhere, make a difference and challenge yourself.  Memphis, Gulfporta and Kansas City are not your typical college spring break destinations, but there are people who need your help.  Alternative Breaks provide a variety of low cost, week long and weekend service opportunities. There is no more powerful service experience than when students are fully immersed in new communities and social issues. These opportunities not only contribute to a deeper understanding of social issues, service and community, but are often the sparks which ignite people to get involved in community service.

Dies this sound like something you might be interested in??? CLICK HERE for more information.

The application is DUE THIS FRIDAYat %PM IN UNION 324  CLICK HERE for application

Do you think you will participate in an alternative spring break trip while at UNT?  If so, why and where would you like to go?


I Have Something to Say

I bet you knew who your high school principal was and you probably even saw them on a regular basis.  Since coming to UNT you might still feel like you are 1 of 36000.  You might not know who the UNT president is, maybe you have never seen her on campus.  You might have concerns about a UNT policy but you are not sure who to ask.  This Thursday is your chance to meet UNT President Bataille.  She will be in the One o’clock lounge at 2pm to answer your questions.

raise your hand

As someone who has been at a few different college campuses I can tell you that this is an amazing opportunity.  President Bataille is very student centered and she wants to hear your concerns and answer your questions.

This will be her 5th discussion with students and previous discussions have focused on:  parking, sustainability, tuition and scholarships. 

What is one question you would want to ask President Bataille?

Fall Into Information

8295Fall_Medium-medIt is November and before you know it your first semester at UNT will be done.  While we are 5 weeks away from the start of Finals week…there is no reason to panic.  There is still plenty of time to make the grade, get involved and end your first UNT semester with a bang. 

Do you have questions about registration?  Do you wonder what resources there are?  Then check out:

Academic Infusion Resource Fair

Nov 3, 2009 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

A Night of Knowledge and Fun!

@ Kerr Hall Lobby

One Night Only!

Booths to include:
Colleges and Advisors
Learning Center
Career Center
Student Money Management


I hope you will check this event out (especially if you live in Kerr).  Tell me what campus events/programs you have attended and did you find the information to be helpful.