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Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Giving back.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, not only in college but in life.  Some people volunteer because of a class, some do because it looks good on a resume, others do because they enjoy it.  No matter what the reason is for volunteering I can tell you that all of them are positively impacted by the experience.  All of them have made a difference.

habitat humaity

Getting involved and giving your time is a rewarding experience.  Whether you tutor kids, help build a house, donate canned goods or plant a tree…you are making a difference.  There are many organizations on campus and in the Denton community that you can get involved in.  Today I am going to tell you about 3 of them.

BIGS is the campus chapter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.   You will be paired up with a child and spend one on one time with them.  It could be a day at the park, playing a board game or spending a day at the museum.  The schedule is flexible and you pick the time, but they ask that you commit a few hours a month to that child.

Habitat for Humanity has a chapter at UNT.  Besides helping build a home, members fund raise, raise awareness and work with the local city chapter.  Members pay a $5 membership fee each year.  The group told me that they fund raise in the Fall and those funds help support building in the Spring.

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed national service Fraternity.  It was founded on the ideals of Leadership, Friendship and Service.   The fraternity is open to anyone who is a student at UNT and if interested in joining you will need to take part in their pledge program.

Here are some things you might get out of volunteering:

  • Making new friends
  • Gaining important skills and experience that will help you later in life
  • Making connections that can lead to a job or career
  • Seeing more of your community and world
  • Building confidence and self-esteem

Have you been involved in community service?  If so, tell us what you did and 1 thing you gained from the experience.  Remember, your comments will enter you in a drawing for a cool prize (the winner will be announced today in this post at 4pm)

And today’s winner is: Mark McCall (your prize will be delivered on Monday)


Yes, they have a group for that.

This week we have been talking about involvement. While some groups are associated with an academic area or are service oriented, there are some groups that you can join just for fun.  Today I am going to tell you about 3 groups on campus that sound fun.


Color your world.  Do you like to paint?  If so you might be interested in H2O HUE.  This group is dedicated to watercolor painting, getting together to socialize and venturing out to see art.

Breathe in….breathe out…are you looking for ways to reduce stress?  Meditation is a great stress reliever and yes, there is a club for that.  The Meditation Club meets every Tuesday ay 5:15 in the Union and they suggest you bring a small pillow and wear comfortable clothes.

Run, swim, bike.  If you enjoy all of the above and like a little competition then you might be interested in joining the Mean Green Triathlon Team.  The club participates in several races in the spring.

These are just a few of the fun student groups that exist on campus.  While the meditation club might not be a resume builder, involvement doesn’t always need to be…just ask yourself…I am interested in it, would I have fun and would I enjoy meeting others who share my passion?

If you could form a student group on campus what would it be?  Post your comments and you could win in tomorrow’s drawing!

Beans or no beans

Family. Friends. Fun.

All of this and….chili!  This weekend is Family Weekend at UNT.  It is time to invite the family, close friends and enjoy the festivities:  the 5k fun run/walk, football and did I mention, chili.


Family weekend is a great opportunity to get involved.  Whether you are planning on spending the weekend with family and friends or going it solo, you have the opportunity to take part in lots of fun activities.

Stephanie, I know you told us that you like to run.  Rachel is not a fan of running, but do you enjoy a good walk?  The 5k fun run/walk is a great opportunity to run/walk the campus (without having to do it to get to class) and get entered into a tuition raffle.  Yes…by simply putting your feet to use, you could win free tuition for one semester.  If interested you need to register (online or at the site) and the cost is $10 advance and $15 day of.

Peppers, beef, spices….Mmmmmm….Chili!  On Saturday there will be the 13th annual chili cook-off.  Are any of you chefs in the making?  Does your mom make the world’s best chili?  Then you should enter the chili cook-off.  I would enter my chili recipe but I am still tweaking it.  I am also unsure what the reaction would be…I put beans in my chili (I was born and raised in Ohio…we use beans).  However I am sure that Texans will like one thing about my chili…the heat…I love spice.  Maybe next year for me…will this be your year?

The culminating event of Family Weekend is the football game!  Attending the game is just one of the many ways you can get involved…and I guarantee that you will share something with the hundreds of people sitting around you, UNT pride.

For more information on Family weekend, check out:

Attending campus events like Family Weekend is one way to get involved at UNT.  Are you planning on attending Family Weekend and if so, what event are you most looking forward to?  And a bonus question, beans or no beans…that is the question?  Tell us in the comment section and you could win a prize this Friday.

CSI and You: Involvement at UNT

Today is Day 2 of our introduction into getting involved at UNT.  Yesterday we talked about all the ways you can get involved at the REC center.  Today we are going to hit a little closer to home, or should I say…class.  I am going to give you a glimpse into the academic and professional student organizations you could be involved with.


Academic groups are a place where you can meet other students who are interested in the same academic topic.  Some join because it is associated with their major, others join because they have a passion for the subject.  You do not have to be a chemistry or criminal justice major to join the Forensic Science Club.  Maybe you want to major in Marketing, but you are addicted to CSI and want to learn about forensics just for fun…well you can.  The group told me that they meet once a month and often bring in guest speakers and take tours of local crime labs.

The Mona Lisa, Avant-Garde, Picasso…if you have an eye for art (or like me, would like to develop one) then you could check out the Art History Society.  You do not have to be an art major, you just need to have an interest in it.  The Art History Society meets every other week and host art lectures and museum trips throughout the year.

So I just told you about 2 of the many academic clubs at UNT.  Next I am going to share with you some information about the professional organizations, which are focused on a shared major or professional goal.

Are you a business major?  Then you might be interested in Phi Chi Theta, which is a co-ed professional business and economics fraternity.  Joining a professional student group is a great way to make connections in your field of study (and possibly a post-graduate J-O-B) and to meet other students that share your major and maybe a few classes.  Phi Chi Theta requires all potential members to be a business related major, have a 2.8 gpa and to be able to attend bi-weekly meetings.

If you want to get involved then an academic or professional student group might be for you.  I highly encourage you to check out any group you are interested in joining and ask them:

-are there membership requirements? If so, what are they?

-what time commitments are there if I join?

click here for more UNT student groups

Since we are talking about getting involved this week, tell us in the comment section what you were involved with in high school and you could win in this week’s Friday drawing!

Breaking a Sweat

Welcome Back to the Green Eagle Blog.  The past few weeks you have probably gotten used to the routine of going to class, studying and preparing for your next class.  This week I want to talk to you about getting involved.  Last week many of you shared with me that you want to get involved on campus but you are not sure where to start.  This week I am going to tell you about all of the ways you can get involved at UNT.

There are many ways to be involved at UNT and the first way is by heading to the REC Center.  While the REC center does have awesome facilities to work out, it also has so much more to offer you…


Do you enjoy the outdoors?  Then check out the Outdoor Pursuits program offered through the REC center.  If you love to camp, then you should check out the Canoe and Camping trip on October 3 and 4.  For $55 you can canoe the Brazos River in Texas and camp out overnight.  You forgot your tent?  Don’t worry you can rent a tent, GPS and more through Outdoor Pursuits.

Are you competitive?  Grab a few friends and join intramural sports.  Bump, set and spike in the Volleyball league that starts October 12 (sign-ups end on October 6th).  Take it back to the playground with the kickball mini-league (you can sign up through October 6).  If you can’t commit to a season, they also have single day tournaments like the tennis singles tournament and the Homecoming fun run.

Do you want to avoid the “Freshman 15”?  Then head over to the rec and attend one of the group fitness classes.  Tonight at 7:30pm you can Belly Dance or tomorrow you can check out Turbo Kickboxing at 5:15.  The rumor is that turbo kickboxing is the most popular fitness class so you should get there early to reserve your spot.

Maybe you thought getting involved at UNT meant being the president of a student group, but I want you to know that being involved can be many things.  Whether you join hall government, get a campus job or grab a few friends and join the kickball mini-league, you are involved.  Tomorrow I will tell you about the involvement opportunities associated with your major and academic interests.

All of this talk about the REC center has me motivated to go work out.  Have you been to the REC center?  If so, what do you enjoy about the REC center.  Tell us in the comment section and get entered into our weekly drawing this Friday.